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2020 Keynote Speakers

Mark McClain

CEO & Co-founder

Identity Governance is Business Essential

This year the pivot to virtual work happened practically overnight. It was unprecedented and it was mandatory. It was also enlightening. Join Mark as he discusses how the past few months have revealed the critical role identity plays in securing your digital business.

Grady Summers

EVP of Solutions
& Technology

Paul Trulove

Chief Product Officer

Human-centric Security for a Digital World

Today’s identity solutions must go beyond authentication and basic access management. In this keynote, Grady Summers and Paul Trulove share how SailPoint’s intelligent AI-driven identity platform helps your team proactively identify risks — and act quickly to secure access.

Lori Robinson

Lori Robinson

Sr. Director of Strategy

Mike Kiser

Mike Kiser

Senior Identity Strategist

Fighting Sharks with Julia Child

We all find ourselves in the shark-infested waters of a hyper-automated world. Hear Lori Robinson and Mike Kiser’s tale of Julia Child’s shark repellent recipe and how identity innovation gives you the right ingredients to conquer fast-moving security threats.

Here’s a sample of the amazing sessions you can watch.

13 Treasures in 81 Minutes: Identity, User-Owned Data, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Heist Mike Kiser, Global Strategist and Evangelist, Office of the CTO, SailPoint

In the early hours of March 18th, 1990, two men entered the Gardner Museum. They left 81 minutes later with 13 artworks, including two Rembrandts, a Vermeer, a Degas, and ancient Chinese vase. The heist remains unsolved today, with no leads and no suspects — and the museum is offering a $10 million prize for the safe return of the pieces. Given that background, you might assume that this was another session about zero trust. It’s not.

Recently, a growing emphasis on data privacy has sought to treat identities and their associated data as valuable works of art as well, worthy of protection and compensation for use. Through the lens of the Gardner Theft, we’ll evaluate the current proposals, legislation, and concepts around user-owned data and explore the benefits and pitfalls of each.

We'll step through the heist, recreate those 81 minutes, and discover how identity data is the new Vermeer. Note: If we somehow crack the case together, we'll split the $10 million between us all.

SailPoint – Microsoft Fireside Chat Matt Mills, Chief Revenue Officer, SailPoint and Matt Renner, President of US Enterprise Business, Microsoft

Join SailPoint CRO, Matt Mills and Microsoft’s President of US Enterprise Business, Matt Renner as they discuss the importance of identity in today’s new world and how the SailPoint – Microsoft partnership is solving the complex security and compliance needs of enterprise organizations. This winning combination of Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud offerings coupled with SailPoint’s AI-driven cloud identity, creates a secure foundation for digital transformation and business resilience during times of change.

SailPoint and Accenture: Solving the Oracle Identity Crisis Matt Mills, Chief Revenue Officer, SailPoint and Rex Thexton, Lead Managing Director for its Global Applied Cybersecurity Practice, Accenture

Join SailPoint CRO, Matt Mills and Accenture’s lead Managing Director for its Global Applied Cybersecurity Practice, Rex Thexton as they discuss the challenges faced by current legacy Oracle Identity Governance users and how Accenture is leveraging SailPoint’s Predictive Identity running on AWS to solve this “Oracle Identity Crisis”

Not Every Place You Fit in is Where You Belong! How AI Can Help Identify the Outliers in Your Access Model Jostine Ho, Sr. Data Scientist, Predictive Identity, SailPoint and MO Badawy, Principal Data Scientist, SailPoint

When it comes to managing access risk, the challenge is how to make access governance more secure while maintaining a high level of productivity and transparency. While risk modeling is one way to achieve such a goal, there are simpler and more immediate approaches that can help identify and mitigate risk in access governance. Identifying access anomalies and recommending proper actions can improve security by eliminating the liabilities that these anomalies pose to the system. To this end, we utilize the inherent 'aesthetics' of a robust and accurate data structure to define normalcy from a governance perspective.

In this talk, we will give an overview of a network graph approach that lays the foundation for an outlier detection & management engine, which enables more sophisticated AI & Machine Learning to proactively discover & prioritize vulnerabilities. We will also discuss how autonomous, intelligent decision-support recommenders will be able to advise on proper actions.

How Augmented Identity Leads to Autonomous Identity Dana Reed, Distinguished Engineer, Office of the CTO, SailPoint

There is a new sheriff in the town of Governance. This session will focus on the vision and current application of AI/ML technology as it addresses the challenges of traditional IGA programs. A deep dive into SailPoint Predictive Identity will demonstrate the current trajectory towards autonomous identity and how it is enabling organizations to become more dynamic and secure.

The SNOW Connection: Using ServiceNow and SailPoint Together Dave Bullas, Technical Marketing Manager, SailPoint

The collaboration between SNOW (ServiceNow) and SailPoint is heating up. This presentation will show the power of marrying two industry leaders together to solve your request and governance needs. ServiceNow helps organizations manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure and SailPoint has the most powerful governance platform on the planet. Put them together and your company will get controlled access to the critical digital tools that make your business work. Find out how your business can get the best of both worlds (and stay warm while doing so!) with ServiceNow and SailPoint.

Secure an Expanding Remote Workforce with Zero Trust Wes Dunnington, CTO, Ping Identity, Asanka Jayasuriya, CTO & SVP, Engineering, SailPoint, Frank Briguglio, Technology Strategist, SailPoint

The process of digital transformation can provide many innovative benefits - but if not properly implemented - it could potentially introduce risk. This is why leading enterprises are taking an identity focused zero trust approach.

The most effective way to maintain security and compliance in this increasingly complex and heterogeneous environment is to monitor and protect an individual’s identity. But no single vendor provides an "all-in-one" Zero Trust solution. We all know the saying that “it takes a village” and that couldn’t be more critical when it comes to securing your organization.

Attend this interactive panel session and gain insights on the latest trends and technologies from the industry’s leading identity experts including Wes Dunnington, CTO Ping Identity, Asanka Jayasuriya, CTO & SVP, Engineering SailPoint and Frank Briguglio, Technology Strategist SailPoint