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SailPoint is passionate about identity and the opportunities it provides to our customers. That passion is front and center at Navigate, where the identity industry comes together to share our collective experiences and expertise. And then celebrate friendships during our legendary wrap-up celebration.


February 12 – March 15


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March 16 – April 30


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May 1 – June 10


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Experience the Excitement of Navigate

2019 Keynote Speakers


Phil Hansen

Guest Keynote

Phil’s art has been seen by tens of millions on TV and online. It’s hard to imagine his artistic journey almost came to an end when he developed a tremor. Phil’s exploration of new methods taught him that embracing the shake could become the passageway to creativity.


Jennifer Golbeck

Guest Keynote

Jennifer’s research focuses on analyzing and computing with social media and creating usable privacy and security systems. She writes for Slate and The Atlantic and frequently appears on NPR. Her TED talk was named one of the most powerful talks of 2014.


Mark McClain

CEO & Co-founder


Dave Hendrix

Senior Vice President,
SaaS Offerings


Darran Rolls

Chief Technology and Chief
Information Security Officer


Mike Siegel

Senior Vice President,
Software Offerings


Paul Trulove

Chief Product Officer


Mike Kiser

Navigate Co-emcee
and Mistaken Identity
Podcast Co-host


David Lee

Navigate Co-emcee
and Mistaken Identity
Podcast Co-host

More Reasons to Attend

Learn from Identity Experts

For two and half days, identity experts from around the world will discuss the future of identity, and share best practices and lessons learned from their identity journeys.

Workshops and Training

Hands-on training will help you become an identity expert as you learn tips and tricks, and discover features you may not be taking advantage of.

Make Connections

Build relationships with your peers during casual networking, knowledge-sharing opportunities, and our annual Women in Identity event.

What’s happening at Navigate ‘19

Monday, June 10

11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Registration Open

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Pre-Conference Training

IdentityIQ Platform Track

  • Containerization and IdentityIQ

    Kaveh Ahmadian

    This session will discuss strategies and tactics for applying containerization to an IdentityIQ deployment with an emphasis on dynamic scaling of Task and UI servers.

  • Applying Accelerator Pack to New and Existing Deployments

    Sheetal Khera

    This session will explore how to add Accelerator Pack to an existing deployment of IdentityIQ including integrating with existing build environments. Additionally, you will learn about applying Accelerator Pack to greenfield deployments of IdentityIQ.

  • ServiceNow Integration with IdentityIQ

    Bhopal Sajwan

    This session will describe the integration points between IdentityIQ and ServiceNow including the Service Catalog and Ticketing integrations.

IdentityNow Platform Track

  • Getting the Most out of the Dynamic Discovery Engine

    Adam Bacia, Neil McGlennon

    This session will go into depth on the recently introduced Dynamic Discovery Engine including use cases around micro certifications and separation of duties.

  • Practical IdentityNow REST API Examples

    Dustin Yeager, Tim Brackett

    This session will go into detail on the most common REST endpoints within IdentityNow, including providing examples using off the shelf tools (like Postman, etc.) to demonstrate authentication and execution of these APIs to support your own integration effors with IdentityNow.

  • ServiceNow Integration with IdentityNow

    John Elton, Neil McGlennon

    This session will describe the integration points between IdentityNow and ServiceNow including Service Catalog and Ticketing integrations.

Extending Identity Governance Track

  • File Access Manager Deployment Planning

    Hanan Levy, Phani Karne

    This session will showcase various Architectures for different deployment sizes, including resource allocation and hardening considerations.

  • Addressing File Access Visibility Gaps - Bridging the Gap: from Poor to Great File Access Governance Practices

    Guy Katzir, Jennifer Mitchell

    You’ve installed File Access Manager and started gaining visibility to your users’ file permissions and use patterns, so now what? How do you make the most of that information to target your focus and energies on the resources you most need to protect? We’ll talk about the processes and best practices for identifying those resources and proactively managing them to secure your organization’s file-based data.

  • SAP Governance Module Deep Dive

    Bhavdip Rathod

    This session will explore the complex authorization model of SAP and how our SAP Governance Module can support managing the complexity of this model and provide better governance within your SAP implementation.

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Find Your Shipmate Regional Happy Hours

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Navigate Opening Reception

Tuesday, June 11

6:30 am - 7:30 am

Morning Workout

7:00 am - 6:30 pm

Registration Open - All Day

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Breakfast | Navigate Expo

9:00 am - 9:10 am

Welcome Session

9:10 am - 9:35 am


Mark McClain, CEO and Co-founder, SailPoint

9:35 am - 10:25 am


Paul Trulove, Chief Product Officer, SailPoint

10:25 am - 11:00 am

Break | Navigate Expo

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Keynote: Zero Trust

Darran Rolls, CTO and CISO, SailPoint

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Customer Awards & Panel

Andrew Kahl, Chief Customer Officer, SailPoint

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Lunch | Navigate Expo

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Guest Keynote

Jennifer Golbeck

2:00pm - 3:30 pm

Breakout Sessions

Thinking Out of the Identity Box

  • How to Talk to Strangers

    Mike Kiser

    Whether it’s an informal team update, the corporate board meeting, or a theater of a thousand people, making a coherent, convincing case for identity is a learned talent that can enhance a project and, ultimately, ensure a productive and lengthy career. During this session, we’ll propose a method and suggest supporting resources for successfully convincing “outsiders” about the power of identity. Come find out how to talk about identity powerfully enough to get buy-in for ongoing initiatives, and to secure funding for that next project.

  • Building Your Identity Toolset - Best Practices to Become an Identity Pro

    James Honey

    What is an Identity Professional? What skills, tools, and methodologies does an Identity Pro need to be successful? How does a potential Identity Pro develop these skills and how do they go about learning them? In this session we will answer these questions and more on becoming an Identity Pro. We will also go through recommended best practices by some of SailPoint's identity experts to help you build your own identity toolset.

Govern All, Deep and Smart

  • Overcoming Challenges with Auditing and Governing AWS

    Donovan Blaylock

    During this session we’ll discuss how we can simplify the process of identifying, storing and updating AWS access rights in real time using the SailPoint Governance platform – and what the benefits are to the security team, business and auditors. We’ll also look at some best practices from the field and provide a brief glimpse into the future capability sets around this integration.

  • Completing the Governance Picture with GRC

    David Lee, Dan Martillotti

    By integrating GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) with SailPoint’s open identity platform, you can leverage your investment in GRC controls to strengthen 1) preventative controls on access requests and 2) detective controls on life cycle events. This session will highlight our partnerships with GRC vendors and how together we provide the security, visibility and automation required in today’s complex and highly regulated world.

Driving Identity Forward

  • Did You Say Only Hours to Onboard Applications with IdentityIQ?

    Kaveh Ahmadian

    Yes… you heard me right! Gone are the days of manually onboarding applications over weeks or months while drowning in coding. Learn how you can leverage IdentityIQ’s pre-configured workflows built from years of onboarding best practices, and enable your team to take on deployment tasks with wizard-based setup.

  • IdentityNow SoD – as Easy as a Few Clicks

    Trey Anderson, Sarah Paolozza

    In this session, you’ll learn how IdentityNow’s new SoD Service quickly builds comprehensive, yet granular, policy definitions that immediately surface policy violations, assign violation ownership on a reoccurring cadence, and facilitate closed loop remediation.

Identity in Action

  • An ‘Intelligent’ Way to Care for Patient Data

    Larry Salazar, James Wommack, Matt Radcliffe

    Data breaches (whether from external parties or insiders) continue to threaten the healthcare industry. Moreover, IT departments tasked with protecting patient data, remain stretched. These conditions have created an industry-wide buzz around applying AI in some form to secure healthcare information. In this session, we release the findings from a new HIMSS study regarding health IT perceptions of how ‘intelligent’ identity can help address healthcare cybersecurity challenges.

  • Customer Case Study: Innovating Identity Governance with Silicon Valley Bank

    Shawn Lawson

    Silicon Valley Bank is constantly innovating their identity program to secure users, applications and data all while providing a top-notch customer experience. Join this session led by Shawn Lawson, Head of IT Engineering and Operations and Ryan Waltz, Manager, IAM Engineering and Operations to hear about their cutting-edge identity program with IdentityIQ.

Identity Ecosystem

  • Platinum Sponsor Session: Edgile - How a Utility is using SailPoint IdentityIQ to Move to the Next Level of IAM

    In this session you will learn more about how Sempra navigated their IAM journey - from first requirements interviews with business stakeholders to developing an IAM Reference Architecture to the RFP process and selecting SailPoint IdentityIQ and Edgile for professional services. Together, we have implemented our solution using the power of an agile project methodology approach.

  • Platinum Sponsor Session - KPMG - Powered Identity: A new paradigm for Digital Identity Management

    Manoj Kumar, Director, KPMG and Jim Wilhelm

    As enterprises evolve and environmental disruptions become the norm, Identity Management programs have to evolve to be responsive to these changes. Powered Identity driven by SailPoint IdentityNow is KPMG’s response to deliver accelerated and lasting change through your Digital identity initiatives. Join us as we take you through this journey. With panelists Manoj Kumar, Director, KPMG and Jim Wilhelm.

Oracle Customer Track

  • Switching is Easier Than You Think! Top Reasons Why Oracle Customers Migrate to SailPoint

    Neal Kaye, Susie Spencer

    Migrating from your legacy solution doesn’t have to be painful or costly. During this session we’ll cover the top reasons Oracle customers choose to migrate to SailPoint and how we make it easy for you. We’ll share the best practices we’ve developed in helping more than 200 customers make the switch.

  • City of Boston Moves Beyond Legacy with SailPoint

    Greg McCarthy, Gretchen Grozier

    In 2016 the City of Boston had quite the challenge ahead of them – replace their existing Oracle IDM infrastructure with an identity governance program. Join Greg McCarthy, Chief Information Security Officer and Gretchen Grozier, Project Manager at the City of Boston for this session as they walk through the drivers for this change, the vision they set for the new program and what is on their roadmap.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Break | Navigate Expo

4:00pm - 5:30 pm

Breakout Sessions

Thinking Out of the Identity Box

  • Active Directory Clean Up Using File Access Management!

    David Bullas

    Every organization that uses Active Directory has pieces of it to clean up. It seems like right after AD gets installed, the second thing you do is figure out what you've created already that you don't need. This presentation will walk you through how SailPoint File Access Manager can help clean up your Active Directory environment by finding unused AD objects and eliminating them. Once you're all cleaned up, SailPoint will help you stay clean as well.

  • Identity: The Core of Security

    David Lee

    In this session, we'll break down what an identity-centric architecture looks like and the implications it has on your overall security posture. From the creation of identity all the way to the tweaking of a firewall rule. We'll talk about the relationships between a directory and correlation, policy and governance, and how that leads to a "clean" identity context which can then be used for access and authorization management.

Govern All, Deep and Smart

  • Artificial Intelligence for Role Mining and Access Modeling

    Mo Badawy, Jostine Ho

    By identifying strongly related groups of access entitlements, a faithful representation of the enterprise's role structure can be generated. Advancements in A.I. and machine learning allow us to automate, scale, and validate this approach. In this presentation, we will give a high-level overview of the approach, with a brief demo of the role mining and role modeling capabilities.

  • Go from 0 to 60 with IdentityNow Integrations

    Christine Whitlock, Neil McGlennon

    Introducing an Identity Governance solution into an already established ecosystem can seem like a daunting task. During this session learn how to leverage common integrations with market leaders like ServiceNow, Splunk, Workday, Okta, and more. Ensuring rapid adoption across your user base, and getting the most out of your existing investments, is the best way to ensure rapid time-to-value for your identity project.

Driving Identity Forward

  • RBAC and ABAC Better Together in IdentityIQ

    Jeff Bounds

    Attend this session where you will learn how to enable IdentityIQ to provide Attribute Based access that is scalable and efficient. You'll also learn how IdentityIQ can act as the PIP (Policy Information Point) with Identity+ Alliance partners like PlainId and Axiomatics.

  • Governance of Real-Time Threat Detection

    Kevin James

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have a solution that provides identity context so you can act immediately when bad or unauthorized action is detected on privileged accounts? Since there are multiple PAM vendors out there, we’d want that solution to avoid proprietary connections as well. What if I told you that SailPoint could do that, today? Come to the session and find out how SailPoint is providing Governance over Threat Analysis and Detection.

Identity in Action

  • Bring Your IdentityIQ Deployment into the Cloud: Panel Discussion

    Dave Randall, Harry Gould, David Crow - Mike Siegel Moderating

    Organizations just like yours are riding the digital transformation wave and continuing to evolve their business with a cloud-first approach. SailPoint is leading the charge by bringing cloud-based identity and all its benefits to you. But this isn’t just a single cloud offering, join this panel discussion to find out how you can deploy IdentityIQ yourself on AWS and Microsoft Azure, as a managed service through SailPoint, or through a SailPoint Certified partner managed service provider.

  • Customer Case Study: Molina Healthcare Drives Efficiency and Security with IdentityIQ

    Veda Sankepally

    The strenuous regulatory mandates in the healthcare industry are difficult to navigate. Molina Healthcare began their identity journey to streamline their processes, all while ensuring a compliant environment. Join Veda Sankepally, IT Security Manager & Senior IAM Architect at Molina Healthcare as she walks us through the business drivers for their program, how they were able to eliminate manual processes and what they are looking to accomplish in the future.

Identity Ecosystem

  • Platinum Sponsor Session - PwC - IAM and PAM Integration - Implementation Case Study

    Casey Ploehn, Russ Brick

    An integrated IAM and PAM implementation can help automate real-world business use cases to manage privileged accounts. In this session, we’ll discuss a client implementation experience on Sailpoint and Cyberark integration.

  • Channel Partner Gold Sponsor Panel Discussion

    Moderated by Harry Gould, VP of Worldwide Alliances and Channels

Oracle Customer Track

  • Technical Session: Migrating from OIM to SailPoint

    Tina Timmerman

    This session will discuss migrating an IAM program from Oracle Identity Manager to SailPoint from the implementation perspective. We will cover topics such as deciding on the deployment environment, reviewing your objectives vs functionality already deployed and what is available in SailPoint IAM solutions, what information you can leverage from your existing implementation, and planning your migration path.

  • Ask the Experts: Live Q&A panel of SailPoint Solution Architects and T-Mobile

    Indranil Chakraborty and Laks Venkataramiah, SailPoint and Koveh Tavakkol, T-Mobile

    Attend this panel discussion where you'll have the opportunity to have your questions answered by our panel of Oracle migration experts including: two SailPoint Engineers who have helped many customers make the switch and a Senior Manager for IAM Architecture and Controls at T-Mobile who recently decided to make the transition and can share his firsthand experience.

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Navigate Expo | Sponsor Reception

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Women in Identity Panel/Reception

7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Partner Events

Wednesday, June 12

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Registration Open

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Breakfast | Navigate Expo

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Guest Keynote

Phil Hansen

10:00 am - 10:30 am

Keynote: Roadmap

Mike Siegel and Dave Hendrix

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Break | Navigate Expo

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Breakout Sessions

Thinking Out of the Identity Box

  • How to Get Your Data Stolen in 6 Easy Steps

    David Bullas

    During this session you'll learn how to address the evolving challenge of data theft using six practical steps to file security: from using a unified set of tools to ensure the smooth application of security policies across applications, to tracking unfettered and inappropriate access.

  • Your Data Sucks ... We Can Help

    Kelly Grizzle

    Come learn how artificial intelligence will play a role in identity governance both now and in the next few years, the types of data that are required to be successful, and what you can do today to get your data ready for the oncoming wave.

Govern All, Deep and Smart

  • Govern and Secure Access to SAP

    Alex Gambill, Steve Lay

    Attend this session where we will discuss how SailPoint provides organizations better visibility and control into your SAP environment. You’ll discover how to easily extend end-to-end identity lifecycle and compliance management capabilities to your mission-critical SAP environments, no matter where you are along the SAP adoption and maturity curve.

  • TBD

Driving Identity Forward

  • SailPoint IdentityAI Roadmap – Helping your identity program move from reactive to predictive

    Gianni Aiello, James Wommack

    Learn how SailPoint’s new innovation IdentityAI is going to help you scale your identity program and rethink the way governance is conducted -- with data and machine learning at the core. You'll get a brief overview of SailPoint’s new SaaS service along with a preview of what will be coming over the next 12 months.

  • SailPoint IdentityIQ Roadmap - Part 1

    Dan Martillotti

    Join the IdentityIQ Platform product management team for an in-depth review of the 8.0 release. We’ll cover the integration with IdentityAI, general IdentityIQ enhancements and new capabilities related to File Access Manager (formerly known as SecurityIQ).

Identity in Action

  • 35 Ways Identity Aligns with NIST’s CSF

    Frank Briguglio

    Government agencies (and commercial enterprises) are increasingly looking to NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework for guidance. Learn how identity governance can help you align with NIST to efficiently protect sensitive data and comply with various government regulations.

  • Customer Case Study: From the Ground Up: Amerigas Propane Builds an Identity Governance Program with SailPoint IdentityNow

    Chris Martin

    AmeriGas is 2.5 years into building their identity governance program, leveraging IdentityNow for Password Management, Certification & Provisioning to help govern 10,000 identities. This session will cover their journey to date from product selection, implementation, ongoing maintenance and future roadmap.

Identity Ecosystem

  • Platinum Sponsor Session: Okta - Zero Trusts Given

    "The move to mobile-first and cloud-first has made perimeter-centric view of security obsolete; instead, we need to securely enable access for the various users (employees, partners, contractors, etc.) regardless of their location, device or network. In this session, you will hear from Okta’s security expert Madhu Mahadevan on the shifts in the security landscape that led to the creation of Zero Trust, and a pragmatic view on how organizations can utilize identity as the foundation for a successful Zero Trust initiative – now."

  • SailPoint Technology Alliance Ecosystem: Making you an Identity Rockstar

    Joe Gottlieb, David Lee

    Individually, Access Management, UEBA, GRC and Identity Governance solutions allow you to accomplish good things. But you’re not trying to be good – you’re trying to be great. You want everything connected and playing together in perfect harmony. From the time a user enters your organization, you want their access provisioned according to policy, empowering them to be productive immediately while minimizing risks. Learn how the SailPoint Technology Alliance ecosystem enables you to create harmony in your enterprise and become Identity rock stars.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch | Navigate Expo

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions

Thinking Out of the Identity Box

  • Three Moves Ahead: How to Dominate Game Night… and Identity Governance

    Andre Bosch

    During this session, we’ll take a look at the evolution of board games, look at strategies used overtime and discuss how these apply to your everyday life in identity governance. Setting up the right strategies and knowing to how to execute can help ensure that you always stay three moves ahead.

  • Trust the Machines: Using AI and ML to Future-Proof Identity Governance

    Rick Weinberg

    Why is it that we inherently distrust machines? Is it lack of evidence or proof that they can do the job, fear of losing control or is the value they’re providing questionable? Trust is foundational for machine learning (ML) to be successful. In this session, we will explore how trust can be established for successful identity governance. And, where convenient, how that trust can propel the adoption of ML to transform how you perform identity governance in the future.

Govern All, Deep and Smart

  • The Ultimate Tag Team: SailPoint and ServiceNow

    John Elton, Adam Bacia

    You’ve already invested in the leading ITSM and Identity Governance platforms. Now you want to know how to extend your SailPoint implementation into ServiceNow to ensure users have a familiar, simplified way to request access to new systems or applications, and IT teams have the accurate and timely information they need to make decisions on those requests. Come learn about integration use cases and best practices with us.

  • Bots are Identities Too – Governing the Digital Workforce

    David Manks, David Lee

    Organizations are embracing robotic process automation (aka software bots), at a rapid pace and in the process, granting these new, non-human identities access to systems and data. In order to protect the organization and maintain compliance, these new types of users must be governed accordingly. This session will explore how to establish identity governance over these new entities, ensuring they serve the business securely rather than expose it to new risks.

Driving Identity Forward

  • SailPoint IdentityIQ Roadmap - Part 2

    Dan Martillotti

    Join the IdentityIQ Platform product management team for a discussion of our plans for the remainder of 2019 and beyond. We’ll dig into the use cases we are working on for integrating File Access Manager (formerly known as SecurityIQ) into the core identity governance processes of IdentityIQ and we’ll spend some time talking about future enhancements we’re researching and planning.

  • SailPoint IdentityNow Roadmap - Part 1

    Amar Rama

    In this part 1 session we'll cover exciting benefits provided through our SaaS platform IdentityNow since the beginning of the year. Learn about our new SoD service, updates to access request and how it can leverage your existing platform investments in tools like ServiceNow.

Identity in Action

  • How to Keep PHI from Slipping out the Backdoor

    David Bullas

    Do you really have all your bases covered? If 80% of all data reside in files (as Gartner research concludes), what are you doing to protect PHI and other sensitive information? Learn step-by-step, how healthcare providers can prevent data breaches and maintain regulatory compliance by locating, classifying and controlling access to data files containing HIPAA, GDPR and other sensitive information.

  • Customer Case Study: How Manulife is Advancing Identity Governance with IdentityIQ

    Sheri Munro

    Manulife has focused on reducing risk, improving efficiency and elevating the user experience through the lens of identity governance. Sheri Munro, Principal / AVP Access Governance, Enterprise Technology & Services has lead the team to integrate with ServiceNow, reduce access review fatigue and build a deeper focus on privileged account management. Join this session with Sheri to hear about their program to date and a look at their roadmap that includes governing access for bots in their environment and utilizing machine learning.

Identity Ecosystem

  • Platinum Sponsor Session: Optiv - Identity Enabled Data Security

    Privacy laws are growing in number and complexity. Compliance has evolved from a checkbox effort to defensibly showing the work that has been done. In this new era of security you can no longer separate data from the identities accessing it; the worlds of Identity and Data Security are set to collide, only by competence in both can organizations gain the ability to demonstrate compliance to the level required.

  • Dynamic Governance: Elegant Incident Response for SIEM, UEBA and CASB

    Joe Gottlieb, David Lee

    This session will look in-depth at how you can make Dynamic Governance a reality today. We’ll look at the uses for our Alert Detection and Mitigation framework, introduce our CASB integration framework, and show real world examples of how these frameworks work with vendors you know and love today.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Break | Navigate Expo

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Breakout Sessions

Thinking Out of the Identity Box

  • I am Spartacus! (And you can be too!): Privacy via Obfuscation and the Right to be Forgotten

    Mike Kiser

    Come to this session to (1) discover how current regulation around privacy and the “Right to Be Forgotten” continues to lag behind real-world use cases and end-user’s base expectations, (2) consider privacy for services going forward, and (3) realize that insuring privacy may not always mean deletion or removal of data. We follow a fabricated identity and its data across 24 different online apps and propose an alternative: privacy via obfuscation.

  • Master the Password and Reduce Help Desk Calls by 40%

    Luis Romero, Collin Perry

    In this session, we’ll talk about two often associated terms and how they differ but complement each other. You will learn how to deliver a comprehensive password management program and deliver a quick win in the broader identity project, while also delighting your end-users. Lower demand on the helpdesk, reduce costs and get a fast “cloud-first initiative” win for your organization. Join us for a mix of education, best practices and customer examples.

Govern All, Deep and Smart

  • Get Your Head Out of the Clouds and Start Governing Your Data

    Sharon Farber, Guy Katzir

    Organizations are not only storing more data, but also sensitive data in cloud storage systems such as Office365, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This data is often treated like a second class citizen, with sometimes little to no governance of what sensitive data lives in these repositories or who has access to it. This session will help you clear the fog and shine a light onto this data in order to address access issues, proactively identify threats, and help you prepare to migrate data to the cloud.

  • Detecting Outliers with ML/AI Techniques

    Mo Badawy, Justine Ho

    Outlier identities can pose a serious threat to the security of an enterprise. In this presentation, we will focus on outliers from an access entitlement viewpoint. We will demonstrate how advanced Machine Learning techniques can be utilized to identify several types of outlier identities, and in most cases recommend a proper action to mitigate the risk associated with them. We will also give a brief demonstration of these tools which are currently in development.

Driving Identity Forward

  • SailPoint IdentityNow Roadmap - Part 2

    Amar Rama

    We will pick up where we left off in Session 1 here. We will explore how IdentityAI influences our SaaS platform vision to make your life as the IT owner easier. You will learn more about managing non-employees using IdentityNow. We want you to influence our SaaS platform strategy. Learn how IdentityNow will be the IGA SaaS platform piece in your modern IT platform vision. Built using the best of breed platform vendors like ServiceNow, Azure, AWS, Workday, Salesforce and others …..

  • A Forward Glance Into Identity - Panel Discussion with Product Management Leadership

    Product Management Team

    What does the world of Identity Governance look like in the next 3-5 years? Is continuous compliance feasible? Could the need for certifications go away? Can governance become autonomous where approvals and policy exceptions are not pre-configured but real-time? What is the future of Identity user experience? What target systems require more fine-grained governance and why? Join us for this interactive session where we'll discuss these questions and many more that we'll gather from attendees during the event.

Identity in Action

  • Customer Case Study: Wayfair Consolidates Identity Infrastructure with IdentityNow

    Billy Lewand

    Many mature organizations find themselves consolidating IT to help drive efficiency. Join Billy Lewand, Technical Business Analyst, Identity and Access Engineering at Wayfair as he shares their identity journey including the business drivers for a SaaS identity program, their roadmap and how their identity program is reducing manual labor and overhead to drive efficiency and innovation.

  • Customer Case Study: Guardian Life’s Identity Journey With SailPoint

    Dante Rodino

    Identity programs are a journey, not a project. Join Dante Rodino, Manager, Identity and Access Management at Guardian Life as he walks through his experience at Guardian Life:
    - Charting the Course – Determining the basic use cases and the scope of the system
    - Manning the Ship – Properly staffing the organization to support our business processes
    - Rough Waters – Controlling integration demand, customer and stakeholder expectations, providing audit evidence and maintaining key controls
    - Smooth Sailing – Benefits of using the SailPoint Identity Governance Platform
    - Distant Horizons – What we would like to do next around addressing privilege access

Identity Ecosystem

  • Platinum Sponsor Session: CyberArk - Combining the Powers of Identity and Privilege with CyberArk

    Attend this session to learn how to:
    - Gain visibility and control of privileged user data and access permissions directly from SailPoint IdentityIQ and IdentityNow
    - Quickly detect risks and amend access entitlement issues associated with privileged users
    - Automate the privileged user provisioning process based on groups, policies and approval workflows
    - Leverage CyberArk’s integration with SailPoint’s PAM Module…and much more!

  • Expert Panel: The Future of Identity (with BeyondTrust, Ping and Radiant Logic)

    Joe Gottlieb

    Enterprises managing or pursuing best-of-breed Identity and Access Management are quite familiar with the primary building blocks necessary for success. When implemented, configured and operated properly, these building blocks deliver on the promise of “Identity as the new perimeter.” Attend this interactive, executive panel session to gain insights on best practices and what lies ahead for best-of-breed IAM.

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Closing Keynote

Mike Kiser

7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Closing Event Party


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